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Shootsie In The Limelight!

Welcome to the home of the ultimate baby shower gift and perfect luxury baby gift.

Zappos adds Shootsie:  April 2008

Zappos, a premier shopping destination with unwavering dedication to superior customer service, recently selected Shootsie as its latest luxury baby necessity. Zappos and their focus groups loved Shootsie's outstanding craftsmanship, design, and beautiful baby-safe fabrics from Canada, the USA, and Europe. Enlarge the Shootsie photos at Zappos to virtually experience the plush cocoon-like comfort our blankets offer children. View Shootsie at Zappos.

PoshTots adds Shootsie:  March 2008

PoshTots has earned its reputation as a premiere destination and designer of choice not only for Hollywood Moms, but for discerning clients around the globe. Along with the glitterati and Posh-shoppers now you, too, can enjoy PoshTots' distinctive style, great customer service and commitment to the finest craftsmanship. You can see Shootsie amidst one of the world's most extraordinary child collections at PoshTots.

Rosenberry Rooms adds Shootsie line:  February 2008

Now you can shop for Shootsie products on-line at Rosenberry Rooms. Rosenberry Rooms specializes in helping discriminating parents find unique designer children's furniture and nursery decor. They offer everything you need to create the perfect room for your child. We are very happy to be affiliated with Rosenberry and know you will enjoy shopping at Rosenberry Rooms.

Peekaboo Picks Magazine: Fabulous Finds for Hip Moms:  January 2008

"Perfect little accessory and simply scrumptious." Rock A Bye Shootsie, Dragon, Into The Blue and Popsicle Panache were just featured in Peekaboo Picks Magazine. In fact, Shootsie was featured in Peekaboo Pick's video. We're very excited to be featured on one of the best sites in the Universe. Megan at Peekaboo is dedicated to providing hip mamas with the latest in the baby and maternity world. She has a creative, fun, informative and simply great site. You can see Megan's Peekaboo Picks and watch the entire video review at:

Tot Trends Weekly Magazine:  January 2008

Rock A Bye Shootsie featured in Tot Trends Weekly Magazine: "The perfect accessory for any baby is a beautiful Shootsie baby blanket. These satin blankets are simply beautiful! Each is constructed of double-layer satin that is produced with responsible dyes from N. America and Europe and hand-sewn in Canada." Read the entire review at:

Mom Finds:  December 2007

Rock A Bye Shootsie featured in Mom Finds: "...the blankets are meticulously hand-sewn in Canada using the finest satin and non-allergy fillers. If your little one is anything like mine, he'll go crazy over the smooth texture. There's something about the satin that sends him into dreamland." Read the entire review at: http://

Baby Scoop Austin:  December 2007

Dragon Along featured in Baby Scoop Austin: "Here's a gift that will make you feel like a celebrity parent. Are you trying to teach your baby to self-soothe at nap & bedtimes? Do you have a child who needs to be comforted often? If so, your child needs a Shootsie. These ever-so-comfy lovies will be your baby's best friend and are made with such high quality that they will last up to 18 years! You can teach your child how to snuggle and connect with their Shootsie and use it at the doctor's office, with a new babysitter, on long car trips or any other type of stressful situation for you little one." Read the entire review at: http://

Shootsie's Popsicle Panache is a hit in ExtraTV's and Charity Folks auction to support the WIN network!:   December 2007

See Shootsie's Popsicle Panache featured in Stylebakery's 2007 Holiday Gift Guide!  December 2007

Celebrity Baby Blog:  November 2007

"Shootsie Blankets are super luxe satin blankies with personality. These are so indulgent that a new parent will be too shy to register for one, so surprise them, and they will be thrilled with this heirloom-quality but very practical and washable blanket." Check out Cebebrity Baby Blog's 2007 Holiday Gift Guide at: Celebrity Babies 2007 Holiday Gift Guide!

Shootsie Featured Gift At WIN 2007 Celebrity Awards!  November 2007

WIN (Women's Image Network) is a prestigious charity that promotes gender parity through honoring film, television, and advertising greats. This year's awards event, chaired by United Artists' CEO Paula Wagner included gift bags featuring Shootsie blankets! Dragon Along, Rock A Bye Shootsie, Popsicle Panache, and Stardust stole the show with many recipients including Angelina Jolie, Tammy Pascatelli, America Ferrara, Sally Pressman, Juliette Binoche, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Felicity Huffman, Renee Zellweger, Queen Latifah, Phyllis Nagy, Ashley Jensen, Joy Lauren, Andrea Bowen and Courteney Cox!

Spork Fashion Review:  October 2007

"I normally don't do baby stuff, but these blankets from don"t look like your average baby blankets. Almost makes me want to procreate. Or at least hope they will make them in adult sizes." Read the entire review at:

Celebrity Baby Blog:  September 2007

"Shootsie Blankets: I'm a Believer"

"If you watch kids with Shootsie blankets, especially at quiet time, TV time, airplane or car time, it's very telling. Parents can teach them to self-comfort at those times when they need to disengage and relax (don't we all need those skills in this hectic world?). Yes, we do, and can a Shootsie blanket help with those skills? My son is sending in his endorsement, and so am I." Read the entire review at:

Celebrity Moms:  September 2007

"The Shootsie Collection of satin blankets are created in a variety of bright color combinations, ultra soft satin fabric, and contain such a high-level of detail elements that they are ideal for a pampered tot. The hand quality of the blanket including the ruffles, hand-stitching, and other fine details make them an heirloom treasure sure to be loved by both mom and child for years to come. The blankets are all machine washable so even though they look too good for baby to use, they are designed to take a beating." Read the entire review at:

The Stylish Child Blogspot:  September 2007

"If you spend much time shopping for baby blankets, you're used to seeing beautiful plush blankies in traditional baby colors in baby friendly fabrics. A new addition to the baby blanket selection is Shootsie who have introduced an amazing collection of ultra-plush blankets for baby constructed in satin. Yes, satin for babies. I was amazed at how durable they truly are.
The Shootsie Collection of satin blankets are created in a variety of bright color combinations, ultra soft satin fabric, and contain such a high-level of detail elements that they are ideal for a pampered tot. The hand quality of the blanket including the ruffles, hand-stitching, and other fine details make them an heirloom treasure sure to be loved by both mom and child for years to come." Read the entire review at :

Earnshaw's:  September 2007

Satin Baby Quilt Blankets - Blanket Personalites with a Purpose

"Parents can teach babies to self-comfort (Pediatrician recommended) so that your baby makes an easy transition to sleep. Designed in the U.S. and hand-sewn in Canada with only the finest fabrics from North America or Europe. The Shootsies seem to have personalities, just like the kids they are designed to soothe. Enjoy the creative descriptions of these lovely hand-crafted blankies: Dragon Along, My Oh Maya, For Baby Eyes Only, Popsicle Panache, Jazzy Jaguar and the rest of the collection." Read more at: http://

Mommies With Style:  August 2007

"... colorful hues, soft satins, and detail elements are designed to attract and retain a child"s attention. As a parent, you can use a Shootsie blanket to teach early self-soothing skills to your little one, a crucially important skill development for our big world. Notably, while children revel in the all-over silkiness and luscious colors of these beautifully detailed blankets, parents appreciate the blanket's calming influence, washable satin and keepsake-quality." Read the entire review at:

babble and  August 2007

The Shootsie Collection: Fun and Funkalicious

"Aside from some beautiful, traditional pink and blue baby blankets, Shootsie offers some fun creative colour combos that made me smile. I love finding unique baby stuff and this Rock-A-Bye-Shootsie blanket in "mud brown, lilac and parrot green" seems like something that would go from cuddling baby to helping his toddler self built forts." Read the entire review at:

The Mommy Designer:  July 2007

"I just can't say enough about this blanket... every new mom on the planet needs one of these! I know you are thinking, oh not another baby blanket. I tell you this is unlike any blanket you have seen. It is made from ultra soft satin and trimmed in double ruffles. Words cannot express how luxurious this blanket is. I showed it to Gia and she didn't want to let it go, she loved it so much" Read the entire review of the Shootsie satin baby blanket and ultimate baby shower gift at:

Classy Mommy:  July 2007

"Shootsie has a line of elegant and fashionable blankets that are to die for! I adore our STARDUST blanket. Double ruffled and made of silky soft satin - which is super comfy for a new baby." Read the entire review of our beautiful luxury baby gift at:

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Our baby blanket is the ultimate baby shower gift because we know a luxury baby shower gift selection reflects your fashion sense, good taste, and emotional connection to the child. The Shootsie™ collection is absolutely unique, colorful and alive with personality. Designed to reflect fresh, contemporary style, a Shootsie™ blanket simply has no equal. Every luxury baby gift and satin blanket in our collection is a combination of exquisite fabric, couture design and impeccable craftsmanship. The result is a Shootsie swirl of blissful comfort. Timeless, devilishly cute, and soothing, Shootsie satin baby blankets are designed