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Up, up he climbs and suddenly: Ker-plunk!
Crimson cheeks and stuffy nose and looking in a funk.
Good thing Mommys here at last (the tears are not so subtle)
To take me home and wrap me up with Shootsie™ and a cuddle.

As a parent, you've no doubt had these experiences. A snuggly, silky satin Shootsie baby blanket is designed to facilitate your child's sensory development and create a healthy connection between your little one and our big world.

A Shootsie satin baby blanket can also be used to spark imagination through creative play. It can be a covered little fort, a new set of wings, or simply soft surroundings upon which to lie and observe the natural world.

A Shootsie satin baby blanket is simply the best baby shower gift and best baby gift, hypoallergenic, easy care, lasts forever, baby soft.

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A Shootsie Satin Baby Blanket is the Best Baby Shower Gift and Best Baby Gift, Hypoallergenic, Easy Care, Lasts Forever, and Baby Soft.. A Shootsie™ satin baby blanket sparks imagination, produces tactile comfort, is a visual delight and is the answer to the baby shower gift shoppers’ quest for a memorable and the very best baby gift. Shootsie ™ offers satin baby blankets, satin blankies, satin baby blankies, satin play mats, hats, satin bibs, satin burp pads, satin puddle pads and other matching child products. Shootsie is a high-end boutique specializing in luxurious baby clothing, luxurious baby gifts, and unique and hip perfect baby shower gifts. Unique christening gifts, Shootsie satin baby blankets are a truly luxurious and posh baby gift. Every grandparent wants to give a Shootsie as a classic or traditional baby gift. Perfect for the sophisticated baby gift, corporate gifting, celebrity baby gift, and great for new baby gift, new sibling's baby gift, first birthday gift, best baby gift and new mom gift. We've developed the perfect baby gift because we know a baby gift selection reflects your fashion sense, good taste, and emotional connection to the child. The Shootsie collection is absolutely unique, colorful and alive with personality. Designed to reflect fresh, contemporary style, a Shootsie satin baby blanket simply has no equal. Every blanket in our collection is a combination of exquisite fabric, couture design and impeccable craftsmanship. The result is a Shootsie swirl of blissful comfort. Timeless, devilishly cute, and soothing, Shootsie blankets are designed to appeal to every child's early need for sensory familiarity and tactile comfort. Durable and designed to last for decades as a prized possession, the child in your life will use their Shootsie to inspire a wealth of positive images, scents and other memories of home and family. Appropriate for all children, a Shootsie is perfect for a baby shower gift, birth, christening, or other special occasion.

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