We would like to invite you to take a look at our new Spring and Summer 2008 collection and we are very eager to hear what you think of it .

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We design and manufacture Shootsie™ baby blankets and other products for children 0-4 years old.

We know you want your child to look as well appointed as you do, so our baby blanket wraps them with the same care and attention youre accustomed to. Shootsie products are made to express the individuality of you and your child.

Our newest collection, Shootsie baby blankets, will give your child a bit of mommy and daddy that they can take everywhere. They calm anxious, overtired and cranky kids, and increase sleep time for everyone.

And ninety-nine out of a hundred babies choose cuddling with a Shootsie over any other brand (except Mom or Dad)!

Shootsie products are the perfect gift at baby showers, births, christenings, bris, Namkaran and other special occasions.

Our office is located near Seattle, but we ship worldwide.

Shop our collection now.

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Shootsie™ is the best baby blanket in the world and the very best baby gift in a diversity of designs that appeal to all ethnic groups. Shootsie™ baby gifts offer couture design and impeccable craftsmanship, both highly valued in the USA. A chic baby shower gift or a designer baby gift, the Shootsie™ Blankie is one of our best sellers. The Best Baby Blanket in the World by Shootsie.The Shootsie™ baby blanket offers the luxury of a quilt and doubles as a play mat, changing pad or durable outdoor blanket because it’s machine washable and dryable. Matching hats, bibs, burp pads, puddle pads, compliment the Shootsie ™ collection.We've developed the perfect baby gift because we know a baby gift selection reflects your fashion sense, good taste, and emotional connection to the child. The Shootsie collection is absolutely unique, colorful and alive with personality. Designed to reflect fresh, contemporary style, a Shootsie satin baby blanket simply has no equal. Every blanket in our collection is a combination of exquisite fabric, couture design and impeccable craftsmanship and is designed to be the best baby blanket int he world. The result is a Shootsie swirl of blissful comfort. Timeless, devilishly cute, and soothing, Shootsie blankets are designed to appeal to every child's early need for sensory familiarity and tactile comfort. Durable and designed to last for decades as a prized possession, the child in your life will use their Shootsie to inspire a wealth of positive images, scents and other memories of home and family. Appropriate for all children, a Shootsie is perfect for a baby shower gift, birth, christening, or other special occasion.

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